Magnus Ramel Inlay

I am a guitar builder from Stockholm, Sweden, specialized in inlay making and guitar parts construction. Making use of both CNC technology and hand tools, my goal is to supply both professional and amateur instrument makers with the inlay and parts they desire.

In 2013 i recieved my examination letter from Musikinstrumentakademien in Stockholm and since then I have worked with inlay work, guitar repair, building guitars and developing products for swedish company True Temperament. I also work at Jam guitars in Stockholm, mainly repairing guitars at their workshop.

I share a workspace with guitar maker Tobias Lindberg of TLL guitars, In south Stockholm.



Do you want custom inlay work done for your lutherie project or ready instrument? Using both hand tools and I can provide high quality inlay in many different materials, shapes and sizes.

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Guitar parts

Making bridges, fretboards and other construction details for guitars can mean tedious time consuming work. I can provide you the guitar parts of your liking, custom made and with a high degree of repeatability.
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I specialize in Inlaying using mainly cnc technogy, a method that assures very high precision and repeatability. For instance, If you want a larger batch of headplate logos or series of fretboard markers this method is less time consuming and more predictable than hand-tooling the inlays.

I can also provide hand cut and engraved inlay of your choice, I mostly hand cut larger one-off designs.

The materials i use differ widely. Most commonly used are different types of pearl, or pearl laminate. But I also use reconstituted stone, different types of plastics and polymers, and also softer metal alloys. Only your imagination sets the boundries, there are many materials out there that can be used for inlaying.

I have done inlay for both professional luthiers, amateurs and players just wanting to decorate their instruments. To get a price quote or if you want more info, just send me a message!



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Guitar parts

Do you need a custom made fretboard with an unusual scale, fanned frets, compound radius? or maybe a bridge wich you want to look exactly the same over a series of 10 guitars?

I use Cad drawing for making guitar parts. This means that you will get a very high degree of precision and repeatability if you should need to repeat the process. All files are saved and can be reused at a later time.

A wide selection of materials can be routed out besides wood. Different types of plastics and softer metals like aluminium for example. Making it possible to provide you with your own custom jigs, acrylic templates and tools.

Currently the restriction in size for any object routed is 375x575x65mm



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Price List

Price list 2017* (all prices excluding VAT)

– small inlay (logo/signature etc): 40 – 75 €
– medium/large inlay (one whole blank or more): 50 – 85 €
– inlay on a fretted board, (including fretwork): starting at €185
– large, or block style fretboard markers: starting at 250 €
– “vine”style inlay (thin inlay reaching over several frets with a appearance of being unbroken): starting at 350 €
– headplate motif (large portion of, or entire head plate inlayed): inquire
– fretboard motif (large portion of, or entire fretboard inlayed: inquire

Including standard inlay materials like shell, bone, recon stone, semi precious metals and plastics.

Designing and drawing is charged by the hour at 65€/h

*These prices are intended as guidelines, all inlay work is quoted individually, depending on design, complexity and materials used.

If you want an exact quote for your inlay, just send me an email and we will take it from there.



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Place an order or inquire?

It’s easy! This is how the process works: first I need a sketch of your desired inlay. Attach it to the message by pressing the “add file” button on this page.  .jpg, .bmp, or any other standard picture format will do.

In the message box, please specify what kind of materials you have in mind for the inlay.

I also need to know the size and the placement of your inlay. Click “send” and I’ll get beck to you with a price estimate within 1-3 working days. For any other questions don’t hesitate to send me a message.

If you are interested in custom guitar parts or ordering instruments from me just send me a message/email and we’ll take it from there!




The workshop

As of april 2017, me and my friends and colleagues Tobias Lindberg (TLL guitars), Daniel Kordelius (Guitar Geeks AB) and John Olsson (Olsson amps) share workshop space in Hägersten, south of stockholm.

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood just drop by, chances are at least one of us are there to greet you.