Guitar parts

Making bridges, fretboards and other construction details for guitars can mean tedious time consuming work. I can provide you the guitar parts of your liking, custom made and with a high degree of repeatability.

Do you need a custom made fretboard with an unusual scale, fanned frets, compound radius? or maybe a bridge wich you want to look exactly the same over a series of 10 guitars?

I use Cad drawing for making guitar parts. This means that you will get a very high degree of precision and repeatability if you should need to repeat the process. All files are saved and can be reused at a later time.

A wide selection of materials can be routed out besides wood. Different types of plastics and softer metals like aluminium for example. Making it possible to provide you with your own custom jigs, acrylic templates and tools.

Currently the restriction in size for any object routed is 375x575x65mm