Price List

Price list 2017* (all prices excluding VAT)

– small inlay (logo/signature etc): 40 – 75 €
– medium/large inlay (one whole blank or more): 50 – 85 €
– inlay on a fretted board, (including fretwork): starting at €185
– large, or block style fretboard markers: starting at 250 €
– “vine”style inlay (thin inlay reaching over several frets with a appearance of being unbroken): starting at 350 €
– headplate motif (large portion of, or entire head plate inlayed): inquire
– fretboard motif (large portion of, or entire fretboard inlayed: inquire

Including standard inlay materials like shell, bone, recon stone, semi precious metals and plastics.

Designing and drawing is charged by the hour at 65€/h

*These prices are intended as guidelines, all inlay work is quoted individually, depending on design, complexity and materials used.

If you want an exact quote for your inlay, just send me an email and we will take it from there.